Sunday, January 15, 2012

it wasn`t an accident..

jalan manakah engkau dambakan?

From college life to matriculation and yet to be in a university life,  everything has change so fast.

Secondary level and matriculation, is among the best moment forever in my life. From there,we`ve been grew up together ,sleeping, eating ,talking together starting from boys, shopping, life adventures, stalking-ops! and many more until yet when  we`re  being reintroduce to the beuty of faith to Allah.

 It such a wonderful moment that I missed too much!, neva wonder that this is the life that I am going to go through when I was still young. Before, fully blinded with the fate of life.

But time has make a move,

and this is the fate that HE has put it on me and you too my dear friends!

Ya Allah,thank you for bringing back the shine of your love to us. 

Ya Khalid,lead us to the way of Jannah..

Ya Muhaimin, please let our heart always firm upon your guidance .:)

And I believe ,It was`nt an accident !

Make our  own move in a way of Allah.:)


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komen anda..inspirasi saya untuk menulis...tinggalkan pesanan ya?insyaAllah,saya akan balas..

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